The Dharani FxFX Introducing Broker (IB) Program offers the opportunity to earn a substantial, ongoing commission on the trading activity of any clients that are referred to Dharani FxFX.

Dharani FxFX highly values the business that you introduce and we generously reward this as an ongoing commission for each and every trade that a referred client makes.

As a leading forex trading firm, Dharani FxFX sets a highly-competitive IB commission rate and offers the most cutting-edge tracking tools for introducing brokers in the forex marketplace.

The program includes:

  • A competitive IB commission structure.
  • Advanced cookie tracking and reporting web admin panel.
  • Track every click, impression, download and sign up.
  • Free marketing material including banners, links and widgets.
  • Commissions paid into a MT4 Trading Account each month.
  • A personal IB Account Manager who is always there to support and assist you.

What are my benefits?

Okay, let us explain.

Each time your client performs a trade, you get a certain fixed amount per lot traded. The amount depends on your IB rank. Here is a simple table for you to understand:

Standard Premium
$3 Per Lot
Based on commission structure
Below 10 Clients $3 Per Lot
Above 10 Clients $5 Per Lot
  • Fixed Accounts offer Tight Spread, it's not applicable for IB Rebate
  • Multilevel IB Structure such as Master IB & Sub –IB are subject to approval

As simple as that, no more pips counting and spread calculation. The commission is easy to understand and completely transparent. You can see each your client's traded volume right in your Personal Area.

Once in every 24 hours your commission will be credited into your IB account.


There is a number of good old ways to attract clients and make them open accounts via your referral link. Here are some of them: post your referral link in forums, social networks and blogs. Be an active participant in forum discussions, our groups in Facebook and Twitter, talk to people, answer their questions. Alternatively you can create your own website and promote your referral link in your own language in your country.


You can't use any kind of illegal advertising, spam, spamdexing, use adult or illegal websites, deceive or mislead people in any way or do anything which may harm the company's good name and reputation.

How to promote IB Business:

Right at this page. Please feel free to use our banners in several languages, texts, logos and other promo items to promote your referral link.

What else should i know?

Please be aware that the only and final legal document that regulates the relationship between the broker and the IB is the IB Agreement. It sets forth the rules for IBs, explains IB commissions and payouts, stages of the IB program and other aspects of Introducing Broker activity. Please make sure to read and understand the IB Agreement prior to opening an IB account at Dharani FxFX.

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